Friday, March 18, 2011

He is autistic...but we love him very very much...and always.

Ya. We finally got the reviews result. My suspicion is confirmed. Zuan is diagnosed with autism and feature of ADHD... and how we reacted? My husband was a bit stepmom even worse..never heard of it. i've done some reading before, so i am not as blur as my husband...but still some sadness feeling creeping in my heart, he will never be as normal as other kid as his age.

He is almost 3 now,yet his gross and fine motor development is far behind from his peers. He is now attending intervention class twice a week and i hope he can improve from there. I really want him to have 5 days a week intervention class but we cannot afford it for the time being. It will cost us a 1K plus a month at Cita-cita (Intervention centre for autistic children).

I will need to discuss a life plan for Zuan with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, he is still 'stranded' in Kuching. I pray hard to God so that he would be transferred out back to KK. I need him! We need him!

And i have been absent since tuesday. I felt terrible skipping class but i don't have much choice. Zuan was not well, my stepmom has been hospitalized and ordered to continue bed-rest at home. So it was only 'I' left to take care of the family. What a life kan? still stuck here.. haha..

I haven't finish my driving lesson.. suppose to take the JPJ test but i am scared that i will screw it up. So? what to do..I will wait for my long semester break and will finish it, and get my driving license. Cross fingers. :)

To all my blogger readers, thanks for still reading..and for those blog that i am following, i still read your blog... i might just didn't put my marks there...

nite everyone..need to take a nap now that it is 5 minutes to 1 am in the morning and i have to get up at 4.30 later...need to cook Zuan food before go to school at 6 am.Hopefully Zuan will stay asleep and only wake up when i already gone...:P. kesian if he wakes up too early..

tata untuk sekarang.