Friday, July 9, 2010

So sorry my love..

 i thought i was supposed to bring Zuan to the ENT specialist clinic today. His last appointment at Kuching GH. Turned out it was the wrong date!!! i supposed to bring him week ago..on the 2nd of July!!! How can i didn't check the date back then? i have a month to check bah! Instead i konon konon hold on to my wrong memory. i mistaken the date with the time. see, the appintment should be on the 2nd July, 9 am. and i stupidly remember 9th july, 9 am.just because me and hubby argue about the time the other day.

i feel very disappointed now. Why? because he almost done bah! Only his right ear that need to be checked. And ENT here give 15ml of sedative compared to KK ENT that just give wonder Zuan bangun balik...

then called KK ENT just now, hoping that i can get appointment for Zuan next week. Not available, he can only do the test on 26th august. I wrote it down, put it in my phone apps so that i will never wrong. Hm..tem posa lagi tu...ada cuti sem ka tu aa? ka bz kami mid term..mati la....have to check back  my schedule..

bah..busy ni main fairyland di

see you..muahmuah!!