Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ASS-ignments, Nazwan, Hubby...and Adam Lambert?

hi everyone..penat saya sapu spidernet di blog saya ni...have to visit this 'sphere' 'coz its been a while tidak menjejakkan kaki here.. :)

what is new with me? not much....
haven't blog walking for a while...i missed all my blogger frens stories...

i still have 5 assignments to go...i don't know why this semester i tend to 'procascinate' (is my spelling right? )hm.... and believe me.. all those assignments are damn hard....and i should started it earlier..but then....i don't know why..*sigh*

Then my dear Nazwan development still bother me once in a while...yeah.. of course i love him whatever happen but, i still have the sad feeling in my heart...another *sigh* tomorrow will bring him to see paediatrician...to get second opinion...i am not into this but as my hubby insist...

And what about Adam Lambert?...heish...the song what do you want from me keep singing on my head!! i can't make it stop!! hantu punya Lambert!!!

bah, that's all for now...will update soon...and i'll blog walk again when my assignments done...but then..exam plak around the corner...hahah...then time cuti la...kan...hm..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nazwan and Phonology

today went to see the Audiometrist. Unfortunately, Zuan was not very cooperative with the doctor. I think he pissed the Doctor off. (got that term ka?) So, Zuan was sedated, let him fall asleep for awhile before testing him again. Sadly, he woke up just after the left ear checked. sebelah lagi dia renung - renung dok tu dengan pandangan tajam. So have to come back again next month. Another appoinment. Luckily this time, it will be on the study week, so i don't have to 'absent' from class.

As for today, i managed to come to my Phonology midterm. 're-seat' midterm actually. Why? i scored worst on my first one. And this time? at least i don't do much bullshit in my paper..hehehe...though i cannot 'write the exact /right terms'  aku paham sorang sudah la...err..boleh ka camtu..?

bah, bapa saya tunggu di luar lebri sudah ni.nanti ngamuk pulak dia. see you guys in the next update.hopefully soon.......

p/s: hubby at semporna now, 2moro is my BIL wedding day...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

blog walking...

it's been a while i didn't read others blog..hehehe...so just now, i blogwalk. so many story to read on. i didn't realise the time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nazwan: First Check Up - Appointment with an audiometrist

Last Thursday, i went to see the 'Pakar Perubatan Keluarga' . i thought i was going to meet a paediatrician but it turned out the doctor is a 'Pakar Perubatan keluarga'. I've been asked a lot of questions regarding of Zuan's development from smiling onwards. And i must admit that i was not very sure for some of my answers. I feels like i'm not a competence mother..how can i became not sure..? *sigh*

so the doctor refer Zuan to the audiometrist first.
Zuan appointment will be on the 15th of March. sadly, his daddy is not around, if not, we can go together. have to absent classes that day..no choice, i cannot let his grandma take him herself. enough of trouble-soming her.

Any sign for Autism? i've been scolded for mentioning that. I'm not bah..just that my thinking was being 'poisoned' by my parents..

"kamu mau ka anak kamu ada autisme?kamu doa - doa la"

no...i really hope zuan is just delayed in speech..nothing more than that... but the checklist...

another *sigh* will update soon, now i am busy with my mid term..