Monday, May 18, 2015

i am still here...

hi, i am back...wiser, tougher but definitely charming as ever... :)...

i almost abandon my blog!! OMO...!! it is almost 3 years i didn't post anything..and yet.. there were so many things going around my world..

guess what? i have 2 children now, one is my 7 year old beloved autistic and i have a beautiful golfer princess in the making!! my 8 month old little princess!!

and a finally a teacher...alhamdullilah...

so my life is pretty busy... and here i go again...

till next time,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Herbalife n my life

hola, salam...

it's been awhile....

Exam - it's over. hopefully i can achieve my target this semester...insyaallah.

3 weeks of holiday but seems sangat lama sudah bercuti. Selama 3 minggu ni,saya sudah habis baca 15 bijik novel. Not Malay Novel ya, yang we can skip a lot but still we can understand it. English ya. Sleep at 1 am daily, just because Nazwan lately suka tidur lewat. But we fixed him finally. no afternoon nap if it is 4pm already. hasilnya? jam 8 tidur da dia.

And yes, i've started consuming Herbalife. After 2 years of contemplating, akhirnya saya join juga. i was skeptical at first. But after almost a month consuming it, i started to see the result. I lost 7kgs in four weeks. Amazing! my yoyo diet last time help me lost weight only 9 kgs in 3 months. Betul kata orang, di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. Yang penting disiplin mesti kuat.

Deepest condolence to my dearest friend Anne, bapanya pergi last week.semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama-sama orang beriman.

Itu jak la. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

jong jong inai....

1. no..there is nothing wrong with the post title. that is my true feeling right now. reading articles for Dr HMO makes my eyes sore...and my head even worst. kenapa la agaknya bila baca artikel-artikel ilmiah ni mesti ngantok?

2. Mr Hubby finally transfered back here in KK...sadly, he needs to travel 90km daily from his ILs house to his office in KB...bertahan lah ya.. our things haven't arrive yet from Kuching. We are expecting it to arrive this weekend, hopefully lah.

3. Nazwan? lama tak dengar pasal dia kan? well, he is doing fine (minus the ADD and autistic issues). I eventually learn how to understand him. Dulu, susah sangat nak bagi arahan. simple pun dia tak boleh buat..but niw, he improved a lot. he can understand few simples instruction like mandi, makan, mari, jangan, jalan etc..yang basic-basic least bila my SIL yang tolong jaga dia nanti, dia tak lah bengong sangat kan...

4. by the end of this month, hopefully we can moved out from my parents house. selesa sikit... tidaklah menyusahkan diorang..

5. Assignment? Ada..banyak sudah...magik nya...? satu pun belum siap.

6. tiba-tiba saya jadi 'pengarah' projek..biar betul...? HAHAHAHA...nasib baik ada ng, ain n mawar back up...saya ni mana la 'reti'.. mengarah orang pandai lah.. kemarin kena sound dek pembantu dekan sebab tak bubuh 'penanda' dekat mana dekan kena sign...wonder...if she is the assistant, why la she didn't 'tanda' by herself? “ni nak jumpa siapa ni?” sah-sah la mau jumpa dekan makcik.....bong** juga dia ni. “student ke apa ni?” mentang-mentang saya pelajar ‘matang’...weih. saya lagi tua lah dari dia...

7. sepatutnya today ambil balik surat tu dari makcik pembantu dekan, tapi rasanya belum kena nanti Thursday jak la pegi tengok balik.

8. teringin  nak makan rojak urat...hahahha

Oklah..sekian untuk update kali ini. Jumpa lagi 7,8 bulan dari sekarang? hehe

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love Your Blog

hello...? ( i can hear my own voice echoing back at me) Obvious la bah this blog berhabuk...

With average of one post each month, i don't think my blog will survive. Why? because i feel that i am becoming lazier and lazier to write anything online.


See? i even yawned just by thinking of what should i write about.

Nevermind, i should write about a few blog that i followed, as i've been thinking of it since last time. (my english is also getting worse....suck! future English teacher konon). Even though i didn't leave any comment most of the time, but i often read their posts first, then baru the other blogs.

First is the blog by the author 'Uncle Lee' at A Moonlight Rendezvous . Reading his blog is like reading his diary of life. You'll feel like you are there!! He is an amazing writer,and because of his interesting posts i will read each post that i ketinggalan (i go online once in a while nowadays). Thanks Uncle Lee for sharing your thought and experiences.

Second, Me.Love.Life by Chocolatte. Posts agak direct to the point and kadangkala berbunyi sinis. I love it!! Love the way she writes. Apa yang menariknya bagi saya, postnya ada ayat-ayat lawak tersendiri. Cuba-try-test pegi baca. I always smile and often caught myself tersengih-sengih membaca.Then, blog by Anne aka SimplySeoul at SimplySeoul. Ini adalah salah satu blog self-center (menurut pengakuan penulis sendiri) yang agak menarik untuk dibaca. Tidaklah terlalu self-centered...okay jak pun. Seronok!!!

Honestly, i need to read their blog to give me a boost to write. i usually got ideas in mind after reading their blogs but unfortunately, my fingers are too lazy to type. (an error occurred while saving- got this everytime i started to write and eventually when i tried to post it, it ended - up in the draft folder) As a proof, i have another blog called This is what we call life . Itu merupakan blog yang macam rumah usang menanti roboh. Satu blog pun susah nak mantain ni kan lagi dua kan?

Till then. A cramp in my back. Need to join my Zuan a few minutes before he wakes up.

Psst..psst.. : I don't mean the other blogs are not interesting to read. Of course you guys rock! that is why i follow your blog. So keep writing guys and i will keep reading . (Sorry to Uncle Lee, Chocolatte and SimplySeoul, I dunno how to insert the image of your blog in this post. Dia jadi kelam kabut ma..jadi tak cantik...)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Nazwan As'ad

to my kesayangan Nazwan As'ad... happy birthday..cutest 3 years old kid in mummy's and daddy's heart...

Selalu mummy marah-marah....garang...but in the end, he still my number one...Love you sayang,tolong jangan nakal-nakal sangat..jangan buli mummy selalu..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"kenapa juga dia tu?"

*warning : Post ini dalam bahasa melayu..sila guna google translate if tak faham..

Penat aku. Betul. Tak lah juga aku marah..nda...cuma penat sebab asyik-asyik ditanya soalan yang sama, berbuih sudah mulut kita membagitau, buang karan jak aku bercakap. So to those yang masih tidak tahu, sila klik link ini..------> Apa itu Autism dan link -link yang sepatutnya kamu klik untuk lebih lanjut------> Info Lebih . Tanya aku lebih - lebih pun, sama juga kita,masih lagi belajar benda ni.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang baca blog ni, (yang ada kena mengena dengan aku) sila faham akan perasaan aku. Jangan pula diperbesarkan sampai aku terpaksa buat explanation. :)

Geram. Bila ada orang yang cakap buah hati pengarang jantungku macam-macam. Tak ada harapanlah, cakap yang bukan-bukan, for example; menyarankan anak aku makan buat penenang (anti depressant) sebab anak aku nda reti duduk diam. Mau jak ku jerit depan muka dorang tu, "Tau kah juga kamu bezanya perilaku berulang dengan hyperaktif?" Lupa pula. Kamu nda buat effort pun untuk membaca!!! Buang masa jak aku membebel nanti. (mangsanya: readers blog aku. Sorry aa.meluahkan perasaan)

Kadang-kadang bertanya tentang terapi yang Zuan buat di Queen and Mesra, ingatkan tanya dengan ikhlas, rupanya mengasi down orang punya perasaan. Palui tul lah. Of course aku memang mengharapkan Zuan akan lebih banyak perubahan positif, jangan lah pula tanya aku nanti samada Zuan akan normal macam budak lain atau tidak. Of course lah tidak senormal biasa. Lupa! Kamu tidak membaca.

Dahlah. Malas mau membebel. Paper Arab tadi pun teruk. Nda palah..abis sudah juga paper Arab. Redha jak lah. Ada lagi empat paper exam. Belajar.

* Ini blog post yang tertunda, jadi bukan hari ni marahnya,geramnya...just luahan perasaan...

sekian, peace.

Friday, March 18, 2011

He is autistic...but we love him very very much...and always.

Ya. We finally got the reviews result. My suspicion is confirmed. Zuan is diagnosed with autism and feature of ADHD... and how we reacted? My husband was a bit stepmom even worse..never heard of it. i've done some reading before, so i am not as blur as my husband...but still some sadness feeling creeping in my heart, he will never be as normal as other kid as his age.

He is almost 3 now,yet his gross and fine motor development is far behind from his peers. He is now attending intervention class twice a week and i hope he can improve from there. I really want him to have 5 days a week intervention class but we cannot afford it for the time being. It will cost us a 1K plus a month at Cita-cita (Intervention centre for autistic children).

I will need to discuss a life plan for Zuan with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, he is still 'stranded' in Kuching. I pray hard to God so that he would be transferred out back to KK. I need him! We need him!

And i have been absent since tuesday. I felt terrible skipping class but i don't have much choice. Zuan was not well, my stepmom has been hospitalized and ordered to continue bed-rest at home. So it was only 'I' left to take care of the family. What a life kan? still stuck here.. haha..

I haven't finish my driving lesson.. suppose to take the JPJ test but i am scared that i will screw it up. So? what to do..I will wait for my long semester break and will finish it, and get my driving license. Cross fingers. :)

To all my blogger readers, thanks for still reading..and for those blog that i am following, i still read your blog... i might just didn't put my marks there...

nite everyone..need to take a nap now that it is 5 minutes to 1 am in the morning and i have to get up at 4.30 later...need to cook Zuan food before go to school at 6 am.Hopefully Zuan will stay asleep and only wake up when i already gone...:P. kesian if he wakes up too early..

tata untuk sekarang.