Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love Your Blog

hello...? ( i can hear my own voice echoing back at me) Obvious la bah this blog berhabuk...

With average of one post each month, i don't think my blog will survive. Why? because i feel that i am becoming lazier and lazier to write anything online.


See? i even yawned just by thinking of what should i write about.

Nevermind, i should write about a few blog that i followed, as i've been thinking of it since last time. (my english is also getting worse....suck! future English teacher konon). Even though i didn't leave any comment most of the time, but i often read their posts first, then baru the other blogs.

First is the blog by the author 'Uncle Lee' at A Moonlight Rendezvous . Reading his blog is like reading his diary of life. You'll feel like you are there!! He is an amazing writer,and because of his interesting posts i will read each post that i ketinggalan (i go online once in a while nowadays). Thanks Uncle Lee for sharing your thought and experiences.

Second, Me.Love.Life by Chocolatte. Posts agak direct to the point and kadangkala berbunyi sinis. I love it!! Love the way she writes. Apa yang menariknya bagi saya, postnya ada ayat-ayat lawak tersendiri. Cuba-try-test pegi baca. I always smile and often caught myself tersengih-sengih membaca.Then, blog by Anne aka SimplySeoul at SimplySeoul. Ini adalah salah satu blog self-center (menurut pengakuan penulis sendiri) yang agak menarik untuk dibaca. Tidaklah terlalu self-centered...okay jak pun. Seronok!!!

Honestly, i need to read their blog to give me a boost to write. i usually got ideas in mind after reading their blogs but unfortunately, my fingers are too lazy to type. (an error occurred while saving- got this everytime i started to write and eventually when i tried to post it, it ended - up in the draft folder) As a proof, i have another blog called This is what we call life . Itu merupakan blog yang macam rumah usang menanti roboh. Satu blog pun susah nak mantain ni kan lagi dua kan?

Till then. A cramp in my back. Need to join my Zuan a few minutes before he wakes up.

Psst..psst.. : I don't mean the other blogs are not interesting to read. Of course you guys rock! that is why i follow your blog. So keep writing guys and i will keep reading . (Sorry to Uncle Lee, Chocolatte and SimplySeoul, I dunno how to insert the image of your blog in this post. Dia jadi kelam kabut ma..jadi tak cantik...)



Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommie Zee, terima kaseh seribu for your kind mention.
It was fortunate I did not destroy all my working days diaries, as well note books dating back to 1950s!
I brought all to Canada.

And only by chance 7 years ago discovered blogs, and well....the rest you know.
You can blog about where you live....the market, what you see.
Or something unusual where you live in your town.....take pics.....
I'm sure you can do it.
Yes, you can.
You have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

beaty said...

uncle lee, simply seoul pun sa tau juga tu..

Rozita said...

do you know what happened to uncle lee blog?
i drop by by only can read the word "no post" inside it..

Lee said...

Hello, ini saya Lee....saya ada lagi, pondok saya tu 'A Moonlight Rendezvous'.
Senang datang.

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