Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Somehow, please be human..

I don't know what happen to the people's attitude nowadays.

Does it mean that their 'customer service' or 'public relation' skill has been upgraded now that you can be rude to people?

Maybe you still need to practice right?

I worked as a Human Resource and Customer Representative before and i know sometimes you might feel tired and angry when people like 'tak faham and asyik tanya benda-benda yang kita x tau' but then, still put a smile on your face and try to answer people reasonably.

"Kalau nda tau tu..pandai-pandai la ngarang ba..."

I am not angry. not at all... :) just giving myself a reminder that i will not be rude to other people.

I skipped my APK class today. My son grandma went for the annual skin review and i had to stay home with Zuan. Thank God i don't have to skip my tutorial at 2 just now. I managed to come. I realized that learning syntax challenge my grammar knowledge. Quoting Audee "...that is way i hate grammar". i think i need to open my grammar bible more often.

Zuan review for hearing finally done. As what we hoped, his hearing is okay. Next, he will undergo speech and behavioural review. Hope it will not take too long because i really want him to start intervention class really soon and i can get a letter from the doctor to get my husband transfer back in kk. How i miss our life together...uhuk uhuk!!

Bah. itu jak la.Sejuk tul library ni.

Blessed be everyone..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

commit suicide

hah? who? when? what happened?

well..it is not too late to say happy new year rite? happy new year, any new resolutions? :P

i seem to be less and less interested in blogging...not that i have nothing to say or share anymore but it feels like i lost my words...so much to tell but my head never want to cooperate with my fingers. always, i will end up in draft.

today, it feels like i want to jot something..my sister send me early in the morning to UMS (as usual) and i was so sleepy just now that i was not aware texting ain that i want to wash my hair at Kg. E...wakakakaka...
she must be startled coz my sms look really-really real.

class will start at 11 later..way up to DKP 3.Hopefully the lecturer will not make me sleepy. (but she is so boring....how can i tahan?) why every semester i have to 'encounter' some boring lecturer? chewah.. encounter lagi tu.but ironically,its like i have to feel sleepy and sleep during the lecture in order to get better grade.. ahaha...*coughing - where did i learnt that formula? But praise Allah coz i got way much better grade last semester..didn't expect it.

Zuan woke up late this morning. Usually he will throw tantrum when he wake up late but today, at 5.30 in the morning, he just sat at the couch and watch Playhouse Disney. Easy for me to let him finish his early morning drink. To all my blog readers which follow Zuan story, he is 2 and half now but he is still no talk. He still undergo his check-ups (that i feel never ending) and i really- really want it over quickly so that i can let him in the intervention class for a special kid. His psychomotor seem so slow developing but i really try hard to train him whenever i'm home. One of my accomplishment training him is that, he now recognize his favorite food and slowly pick it up to his mouth. It is like a 6,7 month psychomotor development but yalah..he is different right? he is still not chew his food (and thats why, he is still on soft cooked rice) and he is very picky about the food color. If i put some kuah ayam kicap on his food, he will be reluctant to open his mouth (tapi makan juga la).

As he still not yet able to talk, people somehow don't understand what he wants. He will end up dragging your hand to the thing that he want. But still, he is clever. if he don't like the show that you are watching on tv, he will turn the tv and the astro off. suka hati dia jak tekan remote..and if he don't have the remote, he will go to the tv and the astro decoder and turn it off.  i shouldn't let him touch the electrical devices but he is uncontrollable! Pandai curi-curi ni..suddenly laju jak berlari then 'tup' dah off tu tv.

Marah pun tak guna, seems he is so forgetful that balik-balik marah pun, balik-balik juga dibuatnya. Have to take care of him betul-betul lah..coz now bukan saja pandai on off tv, he also know how to on off the lights!! Tak sampai dengan tangan, manjat!!

Want to upload his latest photo but rasa leceh sebab my lappy have no bluetooth device and malas to connect - connect USB.. in my next post la..soon.. (wah? have next post? how soon?) One thing i can guarantee, dia tetap handsome..haha..hei! even he is different from others, but he still my number one!

bah, as usual, will update again.Blessed be...

p.s: post title- saja suka-suka...